The retail consignment sale option will always yield you more money than a trade-in or instant cash wholesale offer. Generally, the retail consignment will even get you more than selling it yourself, but without all the hassles and dangers commonly experienced with the private sale option (especially since the arrival of COVID-19).

Trust Consignment Includes

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Appraisal and consultation on competitive market pricing
  • Discuss and recommend any pre-sale reconditioning to maximize the resale value
  • Sign a consignment agreement
  • Prepare, Detail, and Recondition your vehicle
  • Photograph your vehicle
  • Advertise and list your vehicle on multiple websites for maximum exposure
  • Display and market your vehicle on their property
  • Supervise test drives (COVID-19 compliant)
  • Handle all negotiations with prospective buyers
  • Accept buyer trade-in to facilitate the sale of your vehicle
  • Offer financing options to the buyer if needed
  • Offer warranty products to the buyer if requested
  • Certify and guarantee buyer funds
  • Pay off your outstanding loan and obtain title and lien release, if applicable
  • Pay you the proceeds of the sale as agreed, generally within 24-48 hours of funding
  • Complete title transfer and registration process for you and the buyer

If you’re interested in consignment give us a call today at 618-467-2879.